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The Wizarding Hour


Journey to the edge of the unknown with The Wizarding Hour, a monthly Sunday residency at Magick City in Greenpoint (37 Box St.).

A social-mystical experience, The Wizarding Hour mixes conversation and conjuring, music and magic, and art and alchemy into a life enriching elixir of good times. The experience culminates with an interactive magic ritual performance by Devin Person and his musical fellowship of magical friends.

Each month, different friends and artists join Devin in creating an enchanting experience with performances running the gamut from poetry to improv exercises to surrealist puppetry and more.

Food is provided as a communal potluck. Contributions are always welcomed and appreciated.

⌛2-5pm ~ Ritual starts at 4pm⏳

⚗️Magical refreshments available for purchase⚗️


Next Event—May 26th


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