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If you’re reading this, the magic found you…

This Podcast Is A Ritual began, like all things, as an idea. It lived inside a wizard’s head for several months, feasting on notebooks and long nights lost in thought, until November 30, 2018 when it burst forth into the world in a powerful opening ceremony performed at Magick City in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. There, 42 participants gathered to help summon the future listeners of this podcast. Listeners like you. Especially you.

To initiate yourself into this ritual, listen to the opening ceremony below. Doing so will expose you to the ritual’s powerful magic and slowly, but surely, shift your reality towards something new, something brighter, something… slightly better.

 Once initiated, you can tune into the frequency of any episode using your favorite podcast platform. Speak the magic words aloud and join our collective ritual by making an offering of just $4.20 upon the altar of our Patreon to access the “inner sanctum” and its exclusive spells and content.

I believe in you. Your magic is real.

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