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Hypnosis Salon


Inspired by the “mesmerism salons” of the Victorian era, Hypnosis Salon turns a rustic Williamsburg loft into a 19th century parlor to wine, dine, and explore powers of the unconscious mind.

This private Hypnosis Salon will revive hypnotism's rich history for our contemporary minds to enjoy together. In our parlor, an intimate group of guests will laugh, learn, and leave feeling more wonderful than they have in ages. No waving watches required.


Our chef, Asc Helvetius, will draw from Victorian England's conflicting tastes—prim properness and delicious devilry— for our evening’s cuisine.

For our evening supper, we’ll pay homage to polite Victorian society and its formal tea parties by serving a smorgasbord of open-faced sandwiches, fancy spreads, and savory mince pies, all deliciously vegan, of course.

But at the same time, you’ll encounter lustful, bold flavors and hidden surprises. Envision lavender flower jelly cakes on slices of black charcoal bread, rose scones that bleed when you bite them, and colorful medleys of green radishes and purple carrots crusted in black sea salt.


May 12 ~ 7-10:30pm
$40 - includes dinner, drinks, and hypnotic entertainment

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