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Kevin Geeks Out about WIZARDS (at Alamo Drafthouse)

  • Alamo Drafthouse 445 Albee Square West Brooklyn, NY, 11201 United States (map)

Celebrate 4/20 with comedian Kevin Maher and REAL LIFE wizard Devin Person as they host a video variety show exploring the weird (and weed-friendly) world of wizards!

Kevin and Devin will take you on a humorous journey into the dank depths of pop culture, examining famous wizards across film, tv, literature, and cereal commercials.

From Gandalf to Harry Potter, learn why these ancient figures of myth and magic are more popular today than ever.

The Daily Dot says, “Person’s approach to wizardry is rooted in its accessibility, tinged with some levity—and weed jokes here and there,” while called Kevin Geeks Out “like TED Talks for Midnight Movies.”

With special guests:
Jon Cox (co-host of Talking Tolkien, the internet’s second most-popular Tolkien Podcast
Elena Simon (The Comedy Witch of TALE: Storytelling)
Professor John-Paul Spiro (scholar of Shakespeare and pop culture, Villanova University)