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Mysteries of the Deep - eBook

Mysteries of the Deep - eBook


A real book written by a real wizard. 

“Mysteries of the Deep” is a short book that uses a nautical metaphor to explore how we subjectively create our realities and how the imaginative powers of magic can help us better navigate our lives. Although this book was written by a wizard, no belief in the supernatural is required to read, enjoy, or benefit from it. Avoiding dense occult theory and New Age woo-woo fluff, Person presents a straight forward analogy about how we steer our Subjective Submarines (bodies) through the Objective Ocean (reality), using humor and wit to make his ideas both memorable and actionable.

While words are cool and all, this book also features incredible illustrations by Catherine Willett ( Inspired by tarot cards and vintage sea maps, Willett's artwork and design brings the book to life, creating memorable images to encapsulate its delightful concepts.

Originally released in an edition of 100 through a Kickstarter spell, physical copies of the book are now highly sought-after magical artifacts. This newly released eBook edition contains the complete original text and illustrations as both .pdf and .epub files, compatible with any e-reader.

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