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Hypnosis Salon

Inspired by the “mesmerism demonstrations” of the French Revolution, Hypnosis Salon celebrates Bastille Day by turning a rustic Williamsburg loft into a parlor of insurgency so guests can wine, dine, and explore powers of the unconscious mind.

With a plutocratic elite making a mockery of our democracy while the public remains enamored by pseudo-scientific health regimes, we have much in common with the Enlightenment French, who were also deeply fascinated by bold political rhetoric and "animal magnetism," an early precursor of hypnosis.

Today, hypnosis is often seen merely as way to quit smoking or squawk like a chicken at a stage show, but these Hollywood tropes barely scratch the surface. In reality, hypnotism is a set of subtle, almost meditative techniques that allow willing participants to engage their own imaginations and explore new frontiers of possibility in themselves.

This private Hypnosis Salon will revive hypnotism's rich history for our contemporary minds to enjoy together. In our parlor, an intimate group of guests will laugh, learn, and leave feeling more wonderful than they have in ages. No waving watches required.

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Later Event: April 20
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