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One-on-one Wizard Session

One-on-one Wizard Session


Work with a wizard to ad a little magic back into your life. If you want unorthodox solutions to common problems, mystic techniques for subconscious exploration, and practical ways to use creativity and imagination to change your life, you'll love working with a wizard. I'm weird, but I get results.

In our session, I’ll help you:

  • Access your inner magic, trust yourself, and take meaningful action in your life.

  • Realize how much power you already have, and give you tools to use it.

  • Create a personalized magic ritual to create change AND feel confident in the process.

  • Experience hypnotic trance states so you can get to the unconscious root of your issue or obstacle.

As a wizard, I value humor, surprise, pragmatism, collaboration, honesty, and radical transparency. Sessions aren’t constrained by a set length, but generally last around an hour and a half. Session payment includes follow up texts and phone calls, the timing and nature of which will be determined by your unique situation.

If you're still not sure how seriously to take this, then you're in the perfect frame of mind to work with a wizard.

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