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Group workshops

Demystifying Meditation

  • I lead guided meditations dealing with stress reduction, creative problem solving, and work / life balance. This practice affects performance, mood, concentration, and so forth.

Mindfulness Sessions

  • Many people who attempt to change find that old patterns assert themselves quickly. Mindfulness offers a way to disrupt those patterns. Participants see significant improvements in focus and stress management.

Intro to Hypnosis

  • Hypnosis is a body of techniques that puts you more in touch with the unconscious mind. As a trained Ericksonian hypnotist and experienced meditation guide, I can bring out your hidden ideas.

Wizard Sessions

  • One-on-one wizard sessions combine psychology-based mysticism with practical goal-setting and support. I provide many of the same services as a quality executive coach—while simultaneously helping clients go below the surface to discover the patterns and forces that shape their lives.
  • The self-help industry is rife with false prophets and slick salesmen promoting the idea that you can manifest whatever you think about. I take the parts of self-help that work and ditch the hype that doesn't.
  • Using humor and pragmatism, I'll devote my full attention to understanding your issue and so we can discover the imaginative ways to unlock the solution waiting in your subconscious. 
  • Stop overwhelming yourself into inaction and learn how to create significant changes with a simple, light-hearted approach. 

Innovative wellness initiatives

  • Additional income doesn't translate to greater happiness. I help people go beyond striving for material success to build a balanced life of accomplishment and self-care.
  • Invest in experiences that let your employees function better. My lectures and training programs make unusual concepts exciting and engaging for diverse audiences, ranging from Squarespace engineers to Tufts vet students.
  • I help teams:
    • Create an appealing vision of success
    • Enjoy the present while building a better future
    • Develop a supportive network and culture
    • Find new ways to "follow your bliss"
    • Avoid superficial "success" that decreases satisfaction
    • Explore creativity for its own sake
    • Set actionable goals and create measurable change
    • Feel like the world is just a bit more magical

Miscellaneous wizardry

  • People never forget the events where they met a wizard. Give your guests unique magical experience and life changing encounters they'll be talking about for years. Just as the wizard archetype can take many forms—upstart prophet, mad hermit, Taoist sage, wise advisor—so too can my wizardry adapt to fit the needs of your event.
  • Hire a wizard to:
    • Officiate your wedding (I'm legally licensed in New York City)
    • Create one-on-one magical experiences
    • Wander around your party
    • Take photos with guests
    • Do instant hypnosis on the spot
    • Perform tarot readings
    • Go out on the town with your bachelor/bachelorette party
    • Plan a private ceremony or rite of passage
    • MC your auction, event, or competition
    • Conduct a group ritual
    • Create magical experiences
    • Or, if nothing else, just have fun hanging out with a wizard!