Live a Meaningful Life

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If you've ever seen an episode of Behind the Music, you know what "success" brings most people: a giant house, a beautiful spouse, and an aching misery that drugs, sex, and rock 'n' roll can't heal.

Studies have shown that after $75,000 a year, additional income doesn't translate to greater happiness. Person is Awake helps clients go beyond material success to build a life of accomplishment and satisfaction. I help people:

  • Enjoy the present while building a better future
  • Develop a supportive social network and community
  • Find new ways to "follow your bliss"
  • Avoid superficial "success" that decreases satisfaction
  • Explore creativity for its own sake

Take Practical Steps Toward Realistic Goals

Positive thinking is helpful; practical actions are essential.

The self-help industry is rife with false prophets and slick salesmen promoting the "Law of Attraction," or the idea that the Universe will magically manifest whatever you think about. It's a nice idea, but anyone who's closed their eyes and wished for a Ferrari can vouch for its lack of effectiveness.

Person is Awake takes the parts of self-help that work and ditches the hype that doesn't. Stop wishful thinking and learn how to:

  • Set realistic goals
  • Build positive habits and routines
  • Take immediate action
  • Enjoy the process of change
  • Avoid overwhelming yourself into inaction 

Cast Spells and Explore the Subconscious

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Forget Harry Potter and pulling rabbits out of hats.

Magic is actually a subjective science that can be used to interact with the subconscious through symbolic exercises. From mindfulness meditation to the placebo effect, psychology backs the claim that mental actions can produce real benefits.

Person is Awake applies ancient magic to modern culture so you can:

  • Make goal setting fun
  • Feel confident with what you can't control
  • Realize your own beliefs
  • Dismantle self-sabotaging habits
  • Take yourself less seriously