In these tumultuous times, we invite you to return to your inner essence and experience the deep and profound power of chilling the fuck out. Join Tarot Society's Kevin Pelrine and Brooklyn wizard Devin Person for "New Age and Chill," a night of ambient New Age jams, positive healing vibrations, and hardcore motherfucking relaxation. 

Like a ponytail wrapped in turquoise, Devin and Kevin will usher in an evening of not giving a fuck about any bullshit as we collectively embrace our Indigo Child and float up on a cloud of sage smoke to the smooth sounds of Kitaro, Yanni, Suzanne Ciana, Steve Halpern, Enya, and more.

New Age and Chill may also include:

- Super chill vibes
- Guided meditations
- Tarot readings
- Discussions of whose spirit animal would win in a fight
- Hugging contests
- Drifting ambient tones
- Instagrammable moments
- Wizard consultations
- Relaxing tea

"Guided Hypnotic Meditation" by Selected Ambient Jerks 85-92

Recorded live at Tarot Society on October 7th, 2016, this debut performance by Selected Ambient Jerks 85-92 is a 30 minute guided meditation using hypnotic language to evoke New Age imagery in the pursuit of supreme and refreshing levels of chill. Selected Ambient Jerks 85-92 are Kevin Pelrine (guitar), Josh Millrod (trumpet), and Devin Person (vocals).

Click the image to download the track for free.