What is occult consulting?

Occult consulting is a new field of personal development pioneered by Person is Awake, LLC. Occult consulting combines psychology-based mysticism with practical goal setting and support. I provide many of the same services as a quality executive coach β€” uncovering passion, creating change, breaking habits, and providing accountability β€” while simultaneously helping clients go below the surface to explore the subconscious desires and personal beliefs that shape their lives.

Why should I hire you instead of a regular life coach?

Because I'm a wizard! Unlike some life coaches, I'm wary of fluffy nonsense and New Age bullshit. I help clients set realistic goals with immediate benefits while steering clear of "You can do anything!" cheerleading. Occult consultation goes past generic "success" (which can lead to a big house and miserable life) to create a personalized vision of success that fulfills essential human questions like, "How do I live a meaningful life?"

I'm also an adult who claims to be a professional wizard. This should indicate that I don't take myself too seriously. If you want unorthodox solutions to common problems, mystic techniques for subconscious exploration, and practical ways to use creativity and imagination to change your life, then you'll probably enjoy working with me over a "regular life coach." I'm weird, but I get results.

What is magic?

Magic is an attempt to understand and influence reality through rituals, symbols, actions, and language. To put it simply: Magic is a system for creating change. It’s a process of formulating goals, taking action, then troubleshooting the process to get the desired result. 

Different cultures prepared food from locally available ingredients using common techniques like boiling, baking, and roasting. Magic works the same way. Like cooking, different societies used magic to interact with regional deities and belief systems using common techniques like meditation, chanting, ritual, and spell casting. These techniques are now being understood by psychology as ways to change consciousness and interact with the subliminal mythology of one's own culture.

Stripped of its traditional metaphors, magic can be used to promote personal development and create change.

How do I sign up?

Visit my contact page to see if Person is Awake, LLC's services are right for you.